About Us

Since 1971, Schiffer Mason Contractors has been providing masonry solutions for Michigan as well as surrounding states.  Over our many years of excellence in a highly competitive market, we have been the leader in advanced management and field operations.  To the benefit of our contractors and owners, this experience has allowed difficult projects to be complete on time or ahead of schedule while reducing costs.

Specializing in commercial masonry, our expertise resides in the construction of new structures, rainscreen systems, the renovation of existing facilities, and the preservation of our nation’s most treasured historic properties.  SMC prides itself on being the recipient of many award-winning projects across various markets.

SMC’s management staff has years of experience which allows us to address any challenges which may arise to ensure that all projects run smoothly.  We are confident that our abilities can result in a positive outcome for every project.  SMC has worked hard to build a large equipment fleet to support job site efficiency.  We own and meticulously maintain all of our equipment which includes rough terrain forklifts, hydraulic tower and conventional scaffolding.

Safety on our projects is paramount!  With our safety program, we have reduced and minimized job site accidents, therefore increasing employee safety, and lowering our EMR.

Our mission is to provide the most exceptional masonry services in the industry through our leadership, innovation, focus, and teamwork.  What truly sets SMC apart is our vision to help achieve our customer’s vision, build trust, and put their needs and desires in front of our own.  Through dedication and hard work, we have developed many long standing relationships with our customers whom we genuinely appreciate.  Schiffer Mason Contractors is renowned not only for the effort we put into ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our workforce, but also for being committed leaders who take a proactive approach to safety.